Monday, 5 September 2011

Moths at the Mere - 31/08/11

On Wednesday night me and my Dad went on a moth and bat walk around Marton Mere with Ash and Aaron and a few of the rangers. Before we started me and dad went down to the edge of the mere and although it was almost dark I was able to pick out the Barn Owl sitting on top of the box on the island before flying off towards the fields at the back. We met at the ranger base at 9pm and then headed off towards the western end where the moth traps were set up. There were a few Pipistrelle Bats flying around but it wasn't till we reached the moth traps that things started to liven up. There were already plenty of Common Rustics in the trap when we arrived arrived and these provided the main bulk of what we saw during the night. We spent about 3 hours around the area of the traps sometimes searching the neighbouring fields for moths with the nets and in total we caught 16 species.

1 Angle Shades (NFM and one of my favourite species, pic 1)

2 Brown China Mark (NFM)

1 Lychnis (NFM, spent ages trying to find it in the book!)

14 Sallow (pic 2)

1 Old Lady

1 Mother of Pearl

1 Shaded Broad Bar

1 Copper Underwing

1 Smokey Wainscot

1 Straw Dot

80+ Common Rustic agg

6 Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing

5 Large Yellow Underwing

2 Lesser Yellow Underwing

1 Common Carpet

1 Common White Wave

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  1. Very interesting is the first time I heard about moth walk!!
    Saludos camperos.