Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Evening Stroll

The weather has been a bit hit and miss over the past few days so I've not really got out as much as I would have liked, however this evening the sun was shining so me and my dad went down to Todderstaffe Farm to see what birds were in the area. One of the first birds I spotted was a Swift flying over the farm which surprised me as I didn't know they were in the area, and throughout the walk we saw plenty more, probably in excess of 20 birds in total. Other migrant birds around the farm included at least 3 Whitethroats along the hedgerows (1 of which I think was a juvenile), quite a few Swallows around the farm buildings and a Willow Warbler in one of the woods. Oystercatchers and Lapwings were conspicious in the crop fields, flying around making lots of noise when gulls and crows came too close, presumably defending young that were hiding away. As we were leaving a group of 15 Swifts flew over us giving great views and allowed me to take a few shots of this tricky species.

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  1. Still not seen any swifts yuet this year, took the kids up to fairhaven lake yesterday afternoon there were 7 swallows 4 tufted ducks, 120 canada geese no swifts !!!