Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Tackling the Jungle

Behind the bottom of my garden is an old railway track bordered by thick brambles, nettles and other plants. It is a haven for butterflies and moths however since I have only recently got more knowledgable about them I have never actually done a proper survery along the track to see what species are lurking along it. For a few years we had cut path behind the fence that we had cut and maintained which allowed easy access to the path, however I hadn't done anything to it for over a year and this meant that it had become completely overgrown once again. So a couple of days ago I started attepmting to cut back the jungle and after nearly 6 hours of work I finally finished this evening, so will hopefully be able to get up and do some surveys in the coming days. Luckily whilst doing the work I found several moth species that were sheltering amongst the plants and managed to catch the 4 larger species I found. White Plume (pic 1) and Small Fan Foot (pic 2) were both new for me, Snout (pic 3) was new for the garden and Small Magpie (pic 4) is one of the most beautiful species I have caught.

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