Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Robin Update

Sorry for the lack of postings this week, back into exam time so not done much birding. Luckily I've only got 3 exams left (maths on friday, geography next week and tech the week after that) which leaves me with some free time to get some birding done. In the meantime I've been watching the Robins that are nesting in the ivy next to my house come back and forth with food for their recently hatched chicks. They have been feeding regularly for about a week now with feeding rates varying from 20-60 times an hour. Whilst I have been watching them I have seen all variety of flies and beetles being brought in, as well as 2 species of moth (Brimstone and Silver-ground Carpet). I'm hoping to photograph them more soon but here are a few shots I managed a couple of days ago.

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