Thursday, 26 May 2011

Garden Update

Just a quick update tonight in between revising, however after my physics exam tomorrow I have got 10 days off till my next one so hopefully I will be able to get out and do some proper birding! On the days that the wind has died down the garden has been full of birds with plenty of species now feeding recently fledged young. Lots of House Sparrow and Starling young begging food from their parents, a young Goldfinch was briefly seen in the company of an adult on my roof and also a pair have been building a new nest in the bush behind my house. On the 20th I heard the lovely scratching song of a Sedge Warbler calling from the bushes along the train tracks, this is the 3rd year that what I presume to be the same bird has now returned and it is a great noise to wake up to each morning now, that is when I can hear it over the wind! A few hirundines have been seen recently including several House Martins along with larger numbers of Swallows feeding over the fields. Finally a Whitethroat feeding along the bushes on the 22nd was the first for a while but it could have been around quite a long time as I haven't been looking very much.

A little mystery that has cropped up recently is the pair of Robins that built a nest in the ivy by the house. I first noted the birds building the nest on the 7th and since then I have seen the birds every now and then in the garden, with one bird bringing food to the other, passing it over and then the bird with the food flys back to the nest. This was still happening today but not often enough to have chicks, so are they still sitting on eggs or maybe they only have a small number of chicks, or maybe they have none and are just acting strangely, any ideas?

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