Saturday, 21 May 2011

Moths are Back

The decline in the weather conditions at the start of this month has meant that I caught a grand total of 0 moths between the 1st and 18th May, however with the slight increase in temperatures and sunnier conditions in the past couple of days have obviously brought them out and I have had 3 on each of the past 2 nights. On Thursday I caught a Brown House Moth (1st record for my 10km square since 1999), Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet (nfm) and an as yet unidentified pug (the bane of my mothing life!). Last night I caught 2 pugs, 1 Common Pug (nfm) and another unidentified one, and also a Garden Pebble (nfm) and I am hoping to catch some more tonight though hopefully more macro's and less pugs (which I am going to do a post on soon to show how complicated they are).

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