Sunday, 21 August 2011

France Day 5 - 12/08

Another day, another chateau, this time Chenonceau which is built across a river which I hoped would mean there would be a few birds around, I was wrong. On the way I spotted an adult Night Heron sitting on a tree by a pond next to the road but unfortunately we couldn't stop to get better views of photos. The woods around the car park at the chateau were alive with the noise of Nuthatch's and I counted at least 8 before giving up as they were moving around constantly. We looked around the inside of the chateau for a bit however I got bored (not my sort of thing at all!) and went to look around outside for birds. There were loads of House Martin nests around one of the towers and a few Pied Wagtails around the gardens but apart from that it was pretty quiet. Luckily we took a different route back to the campsite which meant going along the main road that went right by the river most of the way, and the first Osprey of the trip was seen almost immediately as we joined the road. We stopped off in the town of Blois on the way back so I could take a quick look out over the river, lots of Common Terns were fishing on the far bank however my eyes were drawn to a darker bird flying purposefully downriver, a juvenile Black Tern.

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