Sunday, 28 August 2011

Shard, Bank End and Glasson - 23/08/2011

Went out looking for a yeartick or two Over Wyre and although I didn't find any there were plenty of good birds around. I stopped off at the Shard Bridge first of all on the way out to chekc the wader and gull flocks to see if anything had dropped in. There were at least 400 Black Headed Gulls in one large flock however they were a bit distant so I could only find one adult Mediterranean Gull amongst them. A couple of Little Egrets fishing in the shallows and a flock of 127 Golden Plover were the only other sightings of note so I moved on the Bank End.

It was just over a year since my last visit to Bank End when I saw a couple of juvenile Yellow Wagtails with the Pied Wagtail flock on the marsh here. Well a feeling of de ja vu occured as once again I was looking at a pair of juvenile Yellow Wagtails only this time they were accompanied by a nice adult female. Amazingly these are my 8th, 9th and 10th Yellow Wagtails of the year in the Fylde despite having only ever seen 1 in the past.

The final stop was at Glasson to look out over the river at the waders however it was just the usual fair with several hundred each of Golden Plover and Lapwing along with about 90 Redshank and 50 Dunlin.

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