Thursday, 17 February 2011

Getting to know the Locals

Once again the weather was fine whilst walking home from school so it was off down to the crematorium again for a couple of hours. The Pink Footed Geese were once again present in the south fields however the flock had reduced in size by about 60%, from 500 to only 200 this afternoon. The normal Canada Geese were still present, 5 on Pond 1 and 2 around the pond in the field, but the Greylag Geese had again reduced in numbers, down from 18 to 13. One of these birds has an apparent broken wing and was getting chased away from the other 12, spending most of it's time on the pond, hopefully it will recover in the coming weeks. 13 Mallard (7 male) were present on Pond 1, the males performing a sort of display dance reminiscent of Goldeneye, rising up out of the water and bobbing their heads, not something I have seen before. Also another 2 Mallards were present on Pond 2 in the south west corner. A total of 6 Moorhen today (3 on Pond 1, 1 on Pond 2, 2 in the south fields) but only 3 Coot (both colour ringed birds present).

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