Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wind and more Wind

Today was one of those days where you can see the weather getting steadily worse in front of your eyes. The morning was quite nice with the sun giving the clouds a red tinge as it rose in the far east, with the chorus of morning bird song punctuated by the Song Thrush which has now taken up residence behind my house and is a very reliable alarm clock, always starting singing at 6:30. As it has been for the last 2 mornings there were small flocks of Pink Footed Geese heading south low down over the estate, yet they seem to be getting confused of late as when they reach the estate they lose all sense of synchronisation and the V shaped flocks collapse into a jumble of birds.

However by the afternoon the wind was starting to pick up and the clouds were rolling in. Walking home from school after a badminton match was certainly an experience with pieces of trees and plastic bags providing flying obstacles which needed dodging round on occasion. A large flock of 250+ Pink Footed Geese headed over north at an incredible rate of knots with the wind behind them. At the moment whilst writing this I can hear the wind rushing through the trees and the banging of fence posts, it could be interesting walking to school tomorrow as during the last round of storms I had to take a different route due to a tree blocking one of the paths!

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