Friday, 1 July 2011

6 Months to see a Jay!

Up until yesterday I had failed to see a Jay in 2011, despite going to plenty of good sites for them. So yesterday evening I went out to Pilling Lane Ends where a pair have bred this year in the hope of seeing them, and after a quick search around the car park area me and my dad both spotted a bird flying through the woods. I managed to see where it landed and getting my binoculars up I was greeted with a flash of blue on the wing of a Jay (yeartick)! It was definitely a massive relief to finally connect with one this year and brings my Fylde Yearlist up to 179 species, equalling my all time record which was set in 2009. We walked round the pools where 2 Tufted Duck families were present, one female with 5 young and one female with 2 young. I noticed a few damselflies flying around the rushes at the north end so I walked round there and found a spot where several landed close by allowing for identification. Several Blue Tailed and Common Damselflies were flying around with at least one pair of each in tandem, however a male that landed close to me allowed good views and I managed to identify it as an Azure Damselfly, a new species for me (my 11th odonata for Britain). Walking back towards the car park there were several Six Spot Burnet moths in an area of grassland some of which allowed for a few good photos. Later on we went to Winnmarleigh Moss where I saw another Jay, over 300 Swifts in a huge flock, Brown Hare and an Emperor Dragonfly.

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