Saturday, 16 July 2011

Winds bring in the Terns

Some very strong winds and at times lashing rain today meant now birding could be done so I went on a much needed shopping trip for clothes with my parents in Preston, and luckily I got them to stop off at the docks on the way back to see how many terns there were and also if anything else had been blown in on the storms (a pair of Common Scoter were here on the back of the last strong winds). Getting out of the car I could here the Common Terns on the pontoons on the far side however when I looked through my binoculars I was amazed by the number of them sitting still against the wind. In a quick sweep I counted 62 birds which is a massive number for here as the resident brreding birds don't usually number more than 30 at most. I didn't go round the other side of the docks to look more closely at them so I don't know if there were any Arctics amongst them but it didn't look like it. I might go take another look tomorrow to get a proper count and maybe some photos.

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