Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Full List from Yesterday

Here is a full list of the species me, Ash and Aaron saw yesterday, read the full account in the post below. Red species are new for me.
summer plumage American Golden Plover
singing Tree Pipit
2 Lesser Redpoll
female Siskin
Green Woodpecker
3 Raven (2 young)

2 Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary
10+ Dark Green Fritillary
1 High Brown Fritillary
30+ Grayling
50+ Large Heath
1 Painted Lady
2 Red Admiral
2 Common Blue
10+ Small Heath
4 Small Skipper
8+ Large Skipper
1 Comma
4 Green Veined White
6 Small White
2 Large White
5+ Small Tortoiseshell
5+ Meadow Brown

20+ Black Darter
10+ Emerald Damselfly
4 Emperor Dragonfly
1 Black Tailed Skimmer
15+ Four Spotted Chaser
2 Common Darter
5 Large Red Damselfly
4 Azure Damselfly
50+ Common Blue Damselfly
10+ Blue Tailed Damselfly

Large Emerald
Manchester Treble Bar
Clouded Buff
Common Heath
Catoptria Margaritella
Common Footman
Silver Y

Common Lizard

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