Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Moth after Moth after Moth

A very warm day yesterday, at least thats what it felt like, meant a large emergance of moths last night and I ran out of pots to keep them in whilst catching them in my room last night. In total I got 18 moths of 14 species, the total list being:
Buff Ermine (nfm)
Clouded Border (nfm)
Red Twin Spot Carpet (nfm)
Commom Rustic agg (nfm)
Dark Barred Twin Spot Carpet
2 Large Yellow Underwing
Common Wainscot
The Magpie
Riband Wave
Scalloped Oak
2 Dotted Clay
Garden Pebble
2 Marbled Beauty
2 Twenty Plume Moth

Tonight looks like it is going to be even better so hopefully I will have another long list to report back with tomorrow, and also I may be going in search of some local Black Redstarts, watch this space.

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