Saturday, 30 July 2011

Getting Repetitive

Recently the days are starting to seem rather repetitive in the terms of the insect and bird life I am seeing. Apart from occasional highlights it feels like I'm just seeing the same stuff over and over again. Today I did a brief seawatch off Rossall with the only birds seen at all were 3 distant terns (probably sarnie) and an even more distant Cormorant, so I changed tact and instead went to Fleetwood Nature Reserve to look for butterflies and dragonflies. I was hoping for Wall Brown butterfly but despite looking at plenty of brown butterflies that were present they were all Meadow Brown instead, so my search for Wall goes on. There were also plenty of Common Blues around however due to the warm weather they were only very occasionally landing and so I failed to get a photo. There were plenty of Common Blue Damselflies and also a pair of what looked like Broad Bodied Chasers appropriately chasing each other. There were plenty of gulls coming to bathe on the pools including a couple of huge Great Black Back Gulls, but these were about the best birds around so I headed home slightly disappointed with the lack of interesting species, but hopefully it will pick up a bit before I go away on the 8th.

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