Monday, 18 July 2011

The Great British Weather...

Rain, Rain, Wind, Wind, Rain, Wind, u get the idea, this has been the weather pattern for the past three days with hardly any let up at all meaning I have been pretty much housebound (not helped by my parents being busy as well). This has lead me to do a bit more garden birding however the conditions have meant that it was difficult to see any of the small birds that were around. The male Sparrowhawk has been visiting every few hours or so and caught something this morning, Starling I think, in the garden before carrying it away being mobbed by the local Magpies. The female also put in a brief appearance yesterday. Along the same lines the local female Kestrel was hunting over the fields right behind my house today which is unusual as they generally hunt over the golf course and closer to the main road. The forecast for tomorrow looks slightly more promising with the rain meant to be clearing out by mid morning which will help with visibility. Also the strong north westerly winds have been bringing small numbers of Storm Petrels to the north and south of here so I am hoping to do a couple of hours at Rossall tomorrow in the hope of connecting with one.

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