Thursday, 28 July 2011

Whats that Noise

This morning the local male Sparrowhawk was hunting around my garden, narrowly missing a juvenile Starling before sitting on the fence for a few minutes giving great views. Both of the adult birds have been visiting my garden recently and the surrounding area but I have never been able to find the nest site.

Well today whilst walking into Poulton I heard a high pitched cry coming from an area of trees next to the path, so I went in to investigate what was making the noise. After a short search I spotted a juvenile Sparrowhawk in the tree above me, and nearby a second juvenile was also sitting out in the open. They were very active flying around between different perches and different patches of trees, and I managed to spot the nest near to where they were favouring, although it looked empty now. The adult female bird came back for a short period with a prey item so I assume that the birds have only recently fledged. I'm really happy to have found the nest as I can now go back and watch them more closely, and hopefully try get a few shots as well.

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