Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Agonopterix Heracliana

It has been quiet recently for birds in the area while I wait for the first of the proper spring migrants to arrive, with sand martin, chiffchaff, wheatear and little ringed plover already seen in Lancashire. So instead I turn to moths to give me something to write about. I haven't caught any macros (larger moths) for a few nights however whilst getting ready for school this morning I noticed a small micro moth on the downstairs window which I caught and left to sleep till I got home in the evening. I have zero experience with micros so posted a couple of pictures on birdforum and got the result of Agonopterix Heracliana, a relatively common species in the area but still a new one for me, the 30th species for my house and 35th for Britain. Micro moths seem to be under recorded in my 10km square so I might be able to add a few new species to the list over the course of the year.

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