Monday, 21 March 2011

Wild Goose Chase

With spring fast approaching I knew that I was running out of time to try and see the remaining 2 goose species (barnacle and bean) that I needed for the yearlist. They had both been seen Over Wyre on saturday so I was confident that I would be able to find a goose flock without much effort and then set about searching through them, well that was the plan anyway. I started off at Fluke Hall, before driving to Pilling Lane Ends, then inland to Bradshaw Lane, Gulf Lane and Eagland Hill, before driving towards Nateby and back round to Pilling stopping off at Bone Hill Lane on the way. This covered all of the main areas that I have seen geese in the past and the grand total of birds I saw in the 3 hours I was searching was ... 36! There was a very high tide which had covered the marsh at Pilling which could suggest why there have been several thousand birds on the Ribble over the past couple of days, and also point to why I couldn't find any.

The only birds of any note during the day were at least 200 Meadow Pipits feeding next to the car park at Fluke Hall. The birds were in a stubble field which made for difficult viewing but I looked through them in the hope of locating a Lapland Bunting, however a female Reed Bunting was the closest I could get. The best bird was a Water Pipit that I eventually managed to find amongst the throngs of mipits, and it gave very good views before the whole flock flew out onto the marsh as the tide dropped.

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