Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Am I being thick!?

I took this photo last year of what I am sure are 5 Bewicks Swans, however my friend is adament that they are whoopers instead. Am I missing something really obvious or am I right that they are Bewicks after all, the small rounded area of yellow on the bill being the key.


  1. no you are right, all Bewick :)

  2. Goose like in size, noticeably so compared to the Mute/Whooper Swans.

    Not usually a useful feature because of distance but....the black on a Bewick's Swan always covers the nostril, on the Whooper Swan the yellow always protrudes below the nostril.

    Youv'e never struck me as being thick Jonathan.

  3. Yeah all Bewicks. Less yellow on bill and rounded ending to that yellow patch means Bewicks.

  4. Thanks for the guys, I knew I was right it was just that my friend was adament so I thought I better check