Sunday, 13 March 2011

Mega Moth

Another mild night gave me hope that my bedroom light might attract a moth or two, and I turned out to be right as at 9:30 I noticed a medium sized moth fluttering around the bulb. It soon landed on my curtains and allowed me to take a few photos before I caught it and kept it till the morning. A quick trawl through my moth book could only reveal pale brindled beauty as a possibilty, so I posted it on the moth section on Birdforum in the hope that someone could give me an ID. 2 people came back to me both telling me that it was an Engrailed Moth, which I confirmed in the morning when looking at it in proper light.
I was happy enough as this was a new species for me however later on I checked out the Lancashire Moth Groups website and found that Engrailed had never been recorded in SD34 (my 10km square)! I am awaiting confirmation of this and also waiting for my moth trap to be delivered in the next week, so expect many more moth posts in the coming months.

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