Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thrush's still on Territory

I made a conscious effort this morning to try and locate the singing Song Thrushes on the route to school, to see if any of the 4 from earlier in the year were still on their respective territories. Stepping out of the front door I immediately heard a bird singing in a tree at the end of the next street along, this bird has been singing regularly throughout February and March and seems to be fairly settled now. Walking a bit further towards Poulton I stopped briefly on the old railway bridge on the edge of Carleton and noted the second bird present in its favoured large tree on the edge of the rail tracks. Other singing birds in this area include a pair of Wrens which sit on top of hawthorn bushes on either side of the path and hold their territories against the other every morning, a trio of male Greenfinches that prefer the fir trees from which to voice their songs, and a sporadic Goldcrest which goes missing for a week or so before returning to the same spot by the tracks.

Carrying on the walk towards school I could hear the third thrush singing from the area west of the train station where there are a large number of houses with big gardens and lots of tall trees, making this bird difficult to locate. However I eventually found it at the top of a sycamore tree in the company of a male Blackbird. The 4th and final bird was also still present in the trees by the side entrance to school, although it was much quieter than of recent weeks. It will be interesting to see if all of these birds stick around as spring progresses and also what else will turn up in the coming weeks, there has been a male Chiffchaff on derby road for the past 2 summers so it shouldn't be too long before that makes it appearance.

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