Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Pink Footed Geese heading North

Spring has well and truly reached us now with a day temperature today of 18+ degrees which seemed to bring out a large number of butterflies from their winter haunts, with lots of Small Tortoiseshells seen with smaller numbers of Peacock. More birds singing aswell on the way to and from school; all 4 Song Thrushes still in their respective areas; which gave the whole area a warmer and more fresh feel. It therefore felt somewhat strange when overhead a flock of 52 Pink Footed Geese made their way noisily north, shattering the spring like feel with their typically winter enducing calls. There does seem to have been a large clear out from their winter feeding grounds and I don't expect them to stick around much longer now that new life is shooting up all around us. Photo from last year.

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