Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Wheatear Delight

With the weather forecast not looking good for today I didn't expect to get out to do any birding, however by mid afternoon the sun had begun to penetrate the thick layer of cloud and shine down onto the damp and cold earth. My dad agreed to take me down to Rossall Point for an hour or so after tea so he could walk for a bit whilst I did some birding. Arriving at 7 the sea was starting to come in over the bay but it was very rough meaning it was difficult to see any birds that were on the water. Ducks were the only birds of interest over the sea with 4 Pintails and a flock of 70+ Common Scoters moving north, along with a large flock of 250+ Eiders close inshore which is a massive influx from my last visit when only 17 were present. Turnstones started to fly in from the east and land on the beach in front of me, with 300 birds in total by the end of the evening bathing in the standing water on the beach. It didn't take me long to locate the Purple Sandpiper which was sleeping amongst them keeping its head firmly under its wing. Turning my attention to the golf course I quickly picked out a single male Wheatear (yeartick) sitting on the sea wall further along from where I was stood, however this was the only migrant bird seen and as the light was starting to go I headed back to the car and headed home happy that I had managed another yeartick. 143 for Britain and 140 for the Fylde now in 2011.

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