Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Back to the Patch

Back to school today after 17 days off school in which i saw 21 year ticks and 2 lifers, and since I was back to school it was also back to the local patch afterwards to check up on the locals and see what else had dropped in. The flood on Robin's Lane held the usual Little Grebe which is still visiting the same area of flooded trees every 10 minutes or so, surely there must be a nest/young in there somewhere? 2 Tufted Ducks were also still present however a pair of Canada Geese were new in. On the crematorium pond the Coots were still feeding their 3 now quite large chicks and from what I could see the colour ringed female could be sitting on a second clutch of eggs, however I couldn't see properly to confirm this. A large group of gulls had gathered in the south fields, an increasing roost over the past few weeks, maybe they will hold something more interesting soon?


  1. There were 2 cormorants on the field behind the crem on monday,whats robins lane like for photographs do you need a big lens.

  2. You can't view the flood on Robin's Lane from a public area so it isn't available for any photography sorry, I've got special permission to go onto private land to view it and monitor the birds present

  3. nice one keep us posted on what you see