Saturday, 2 April 2011

Wader in the Sun

Lets start with a question, what is the most important thing to take with you whilst birdwatching? Well like most people I would have said binoculars, so it would be pretty stupid to leave them at home when you go out, wouldn't it? Well as I got off the bus at Cleveleys today I looked in my camera bag and yes you guessed it, no binoculars! I rang my brother who confirmed they were on my window sill at home, so since I only had my camera I focused on trying to photograph the waders that were feeding on the shoreline as the tide went out, namely Turnstone, Sanderling and a single Ringed Plover. A single Wheatear also flitted about on the rocks before heading off north.


  1. Nice shots mate, i was looking for Bispham marsh have you ever been if so where is it .

  2. Bispham marsh is also known as Kincraig Lake and is situated opposite the Spa supermarket on Kincraig Road