Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Family Birding

From an early age my younger brother came birding with me and was almost as interested in the hobby as I was and still am, but he drifted away from it which suited me fine because it meant that I could get some peace and quiet when I was out. Well on Friday he decided to come and see the Black Winged Stilts with me which were a lifer for him, as was the Yellow Wagtail that we briefly saw while on site, and on returning home we totted up his life list and it came to 199 species for Britain, not bad for a 13 year old. Of course he wanted to reach the 200 mark so yesterday we headed to Lytham Crematorium to see the almost guaranteed Ring Necked Parakeets (new for him) that have taken up residence there. We could here them as soon as we got out of the car and we quickly located a flock of 5 birds that flew around for a bit before alighting in a blossom tree that they began feeding on. The light wasn't very good so the shots didn't come out great, the top one is my brothers and the bottom is mine (his was taken at eye level whereas mine was looking directly up above me).

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  1. Will have to make my way over there to get some shots of them, there was a pair of song thrushes on the comon at bispham along with a greater spotted woodpecker.