Monday, 4 April 2011

Local Migrants back on Territory

In the past couple of days a pair of Swallows have returned to a farm near to my house where they have been present for at least 4 years now (although whether it has been the same pair each year I don't know). Hopefully in the next week or so there will be a big influx of these birds and bring with them the sunshine that they have been used to in Africa over the winter. Another bird that is back on territory is a Chiffchaff that has returned to the same patch of weeping willows from where it sang all of last spring on my route to school, however this year it has a rival that is singing about 100 metres away on the other side of the railway track, whether this second bird will stick around is any ones guess but at the moment it is great to listen to them staking their claims to their own little areas. Another surprise whilst walking to school this morning were a pair of Coal Tits flitting through the undergrowth near to the same patch of willows that held the Chiffchaff, these are by no means a common bird in my area with only a few records from my garden per year. A male Great Spotted Woodpecker flying through the trees on Derby Road was the best bird of the morning as I very rarely see them in my area and if I'm lucky they may even breed in the local area.

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