Thursday, 27 January 2011

4th Song Thrush!

Setting off for school this morning I heard a sound that has become very familiar recently, a Song Thrush was singing it's heart out at the top of a tree at Gerrard's Terrace near to my house. This is now the fourth Song Thrush that I have found singing along my route to school, which suggests that the population is very healthy at the moment despite the big freeze. Also when I was at Stannah last weekend I found a single bird that was cracking snails on a rock underneath a bush, I watched it for 5 minutes as it went about it's work, brilliant technique.

Also seen this morning was a Mistle Thrush flying onto the nearby football fields by the civic centre, where the have bred for the last 2 years raising 4 and 5 young respectively. Hopefully they will be as successful this year and similarly I hope the Song Thrushes do as well.

Finally I received a text from Paul Slade today saying that the Ring Necked Duck had once again turned up, this time on the pools at Fleetwood Park Nature Reserve. It seems ti be very good at disappearing for a month at a time before being re-found only a few miles from it's last position, I've no idea where it has been hiding out as I know all the local sights have been checked since the new year.

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