Saturday, 8 January 2011

Day of Two Halfs

Definitely one of those days where the morning if completely different to the afternoon. I started off with a drive over wyre to look for the 1st winter Red Breasted Goose which has been with a Pink Footed Goose flock near Stalmine for the past few days. Unfortunately the Pink Footed Goose flock was as far away from all the roads as possible so very difficult to view, and although there were at least 600 birds there I couldn't locate the bird. However I did finally manage to add Pheasant to my yearlist!

Then it was up to the Fleetwood area where I quickly added yearticks in the form of Red Breasted Merganser and Turnstone on the marine lakes. We then went to Cleveleyes to look for Purple Sandpiper with the Turnstone flock however the beach was packed with dog walkers so the waders never stayed still long enough to be looked through. Will definitely be going back tomorrow. At this point it seemed that the day was going from bad to worse, but hopefully my final target would be more obliging...

Getting out of the car at Fairhaven Lake I immediately spotted the Red Necked Grebe (lifer 255) on the water next to the near back. Unfortunately as always seems to be the case when I go to Fairhaven the light was terrible and it started to rain so I only managed a crap record shot as it swam away into the centre of the lake. If the weather is nicer tomorrow I will go
get some better shots.
2011 Yearlist - 95 species

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  1. Fab news on the Red-necked Grebe mate, and a pretty good shot considering that the weather was getting worse and worse while you were there. Very well done!