Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Another Song Thrush

Yesterday whilst walking to school I thought I heard a Song Thrush calling near the train station in Poulton. So this morning I made a mental note to listen out for it and as I suspected a male was singing it's heart out at the top of am oak tree. This may be the bird from Derby road relocating a few hundred metres as I haven't seen that bird for a few days, however it could be a new bird all together. The regular bird next to school was still in it's favourite tree, singing all morning and afternoon when I finished school. Not many other birds around today however but the weather is meant to pick up for the rest of the week so the birds may become more active.

Below photos of an adult and a juvenile bird taken in my garden in the past 2 years. I usually get a family that visit the garden after they have fledged from the nest nearby in late summer.

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