Friday, 7 January 2011

The Feral Pigeon - Not so Boring

Every morning on the way to school I walk past a large care home on the outskirts of Poulton Le Fylde, and every morning the sound of Feral Pigeons "cooing" comes from the roof. It is one of my favourite sounds and although most people think of Feral Pigeons as "rats with wings" I think that when you look at them closely you see that they are allot more colourful and interesting; especially around the neck area where in the right light colours from dazzling purple to irridescent green are on show, better than any piece of art in a gallery.

The other thing which I love about them is a sight which I suspect most people will have seen, a small flock of pigeons flying in tight formation over a town which are captive birds. I can watch them for ages as they twist and turn at some extreme speeds and then as they turn a flash of white underwing briefly dazzles the sight.

P.S. - There might well be more of these tributes to the commoner species throughout the year on the days which are slower on the birding front.
2011 Yearlist - 88 species

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