Thursday, 6 January 2011

First Dip of the Year

With the weather forecast looking good for the afternoon I thought that it would leave me enough time to get to Fairhaven Lake to see the Red Necked Grebe before the light went. I figured out that to have a chance of seeing the bird I would have to get there by 16:15 to have enough light. However the first bus from Poulton to Blackpool took longer than I suspected which meant that it was 16:30 before I got to Lytham and the light was nearly gone. I went round to the south east corner where the grebe had been seen however the only birds there were the usual Mallards and Coots and I couldn't spot anything else on that half of the lake before the light went. This would be a lifer for me so I really hope that it sticks around till Saturday and that the lake doesn't freeze over the next 2 nights.

No yearticks today so my 2011 yearlist remains on 88 species.

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