Thursday, 20 January 2011


A day where the visibility was no more than 20 metres or so meant that it wasn't exactly going to be a great day for spotting birds. However both of the Song Thrushes were in their usual positions and one was in full song from the top of an sycamore tree. One of the local Mistle Thrush pair had taken over the berry tree on derby road, chasing away the small Redwing flock that briefly tried to alight on it, in a similar way to when they chase waxwings from their rowan trees.

Maybe I should have been looking through the redwing flock more carefully after news broke this evening of an adult male Dusky Thrush seen and photographed in Leigh near Manchester on the 8th December! This is a stunning species and a bird I would have loved to have seen. The full details and pictures are being posted on the Manchester County Birding Website tomorrow so I await them with interest and also dismay at the same time.

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