Saturday, 29 January 2011

More comprehensive post tomorrow ...

Had a great days birding today around the Fylde and was also delighted when my new camera arrived at lunch time, so I tested it out in the afternoon. However I hadn't changed one of the settings so now all the photos from today are currently in the RAW format and can't be uploaded at the moment. Hopefully I will have them fixed by tomorrow so will do a proper post on the days sightings.

I managed 9 year ticks today, taking my list up to 115 for the year and so far they have all been in the Fylde. The highlights of the day were as follows:
- 2 Barn Owls showing brilliantly in the early morning sun at Bradshaw Lane, also Stock Dove (yeartick).
- An adult White Fronted Goose (yeartick) in fields west of Pilling Lane Ends with pink feet, also a male Peregrine Falcon sitting on the marsh.
- No sign of the Snow Bunting at Cockersands but I did manage a gorgeous male Brambling (yeartick) with a flock of finches in the trees, also Great Crested Grebe (yeartick) and Sanderling (yeartick).
- A Little Owl (yeartick) sitting on the ruined farm house next to Jeremy Lane.
- An adult Whooper Swan on Fleetwood Marine Lakes showing amazingly and allowed for some great photographs.
- Male Ring Necked Duck (yeartick) on the ICI Reservoir, the 3rd year in a row I've seen the same bird now.
- Red Necked Grebe on Fairhaven Lake, although it didn't show as close as it has done during it's stay preferring to be in the middle of the lake.
- male Mandarin (yeartick) on the pond at Ashton Gardens in St Anne's, also a Siskin (yeartick) with a flock of at least 50 Greenfinches in the trees above the pond.
- Seeing 78 species in the day

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get down to my local patches Marton Mere and Stanley Park to try out the camera again, and also to see if I can photograph more of the colour combinations of the coots at Stanley Park. Will report back tomorrow.

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