Wednesday, 19 January 2011

More Geese

A strangely quiet day today, with most of the birds choosing to hide away from me. However a definite increase in the number of Pink Footed Geese moving around the area, with at least 10 flocks flying north and half as many going in the opposite direction, between the Ribble and the Lune. Kane Brides emailed me today saying that I should have the information on the neck collared bird from Warton Marsh soon, always a fun wait of expectation, thinking about where it has been.

Even more Blackbirds around today, many of the males singing away from the tops of trees, along with a couple of Song Thrushes which seem to have their own territories set up now as they are always in the same area. If the spell of nice weather persists I might take a walk along the train tracks tomorrow after school to see what birds are in the fields, and mainly try and find a Snipe or 2 on the floods.

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