Monday, 10 January 2011

Colour Ringed Coots

Over the past 2 years, north-west ringer Kane Brides, along with the help of others has been colour ringing Coots, mainly at Southport Marine Lakes and Stanley Park in Blackpool. I have seen several of these colour ringed birds while I've been out and about and have photographed all of them. Of the 23 birds I've photographed so far some of the more interesting movements have been:

GC59952 - A juvenile female bird ringed at North Duffield Carrs in the Lower Derwent Valley NNR in Yorkshire as a part of a different colour ringing scheme. It was first noted at Preston Docks in mid November but was missing a colour ring. Luckily a ringer managed to read the metal BTO ring which confirmed it as this bird. I photographed it still present at Preston Docks on 01/01/2011.

GR05429 - Adult bird ringed at Southport Marine Lakes 11/01/2010. I photographed this bird at the De Vere Hotel next to Stanley Park on 26/03/2010, the first time it had been seen away from the marine lakes and a distance travelled of 17km. I then photographed it again on 02/01/2011 at Stanley Park, showing that it has now been in the area for over 9 months.

GR24400 - Adult bird ringed at Stanley Park on 03/12/2010. I photographed it at Stanley park a month later on 02/01/2011, not very interesting? Well it was seen at Pennington Flash in Manchester on 31/12/2010, which means that it had moved there after being ringed then come back to the park in 3 days, probably after the flash froze over.

And finally a bit of a mystery. This bird (Left Leg - purple over red, Right Leg - Dark Blue over Metal) was at Stanley Park on 02/01/2011, however Kane doesn't know when or where it was ringed and is currently trying to find out any information on the bird, so it could be another bird from Yorkshire or maybe further afield? Only time will tell, can't wait to find out though.

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  1. Hi Jonathan

    Just an interesting point on Red above Metal, Yellow over Yellow... This bird actually moved south again after you saw it on the De vere and in fact it went to Liverpool before returning up here. So it's quite a little mover. Please could you CC me into any data of Colour ringed Coot you're sending to Kane as I'm the person who's ringing all the birds on the Fylde.

    All the best,