Saturday, 15 January 2011

Miserable Weather, Great Birds

Waking up to the rain lashing against my window is never a good start to a day, so I decided to get my head down and do some Chemistry revision for my exam on Monday. However I kept checking birdguides just in case something good turned up and although nothing new was found, the Red Breasted Goose and Great Northern Diver were still present around Fleetwood. Luckily around lunch time the weather lifted for about an hour and my dad agreed to take me to try and see both of them.

Driving up Amounderness Way I couldn't see any geese in the fields where they had been reported, so instead I thought it would be worth checking the field south of Farmer Parrs which the birds tend to favour; where I have found White Front and Bean Geese in the past; and once again that's where they were. At least 700 Pink Footed Geese was my estimate and after a while I picked out the Red Breasted Goose at the back of the field, a beautiful bird but unfortunately too far away for photographs.

We then went to check the docks for the Great Northern Diver and since the barrier was open we drove right in and parked at the south end. The bird was quickly located fishing inbetween the boats but once again the rain and wind meant that the photographs didn't come out very well so the photo above is from when it was at the Marine Lakes last year.
2011 Yearlist - 99 species

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