Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Livening up at Last

Whilst walking home from school this afternoon in glorious sunshine,; for what felt like the first time in weeks; I noticed how much more active the local birds were, and also how noisy they were. Just outside of school a small flock of Long Tailed and Blue Tits were flitting about a Hawthorn bush, along with a Song Thrush that gave a half hearted attempt at a song, before giving up and returning to feed.

Down Derby Road the resident Goldfinch flock was in a tall alder flock and numbered 6 birds, I have had Lesser Redpoll with them the last 2 winters but none so far this year. A berry ladened bush next to the path that never seems to have any birds on it finally delivered today with 7 Fieldfare and 6 Redwing gorging themselves. A Mistle Thrush flew over calling as did a Pied Wagtail and a male Chaffinch. Finally as I reached the top of my street, the high pitched call of a Goldcrest rose from a small area of bushes, how they have managed to survive the recent weather I will never know!

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