Monday, 17 January 2011

Sunday 16th - Garden saves the day

Sorry about the missed post yesterday, for some reason it would only let me write the title and not the rest of the post. So just a quick summary of the sightings.

A large flock of waders were flushed up from the river Wyre meaning that they were in view from my house. At least 1000 Lapwing were giving a spectacular display along with 100 Dunlin and 50 Redshank, and despite my best efforts I couldn't locate any snipe which I still need for the yearlist.

The local female Sparrowhawk was causing the blackbirds some grief, giving at least 2 of them a chase around but failing to catch either, however a starling wasn't so lucky as it was clasped from the flock of at least 2000 that were in the fields.

Then in the evening the daily Starling flocks that roost on Blackpool North Pier passed overhead, 5 flocks totalling well over 30,000 birds, a simply stunning sight.

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