Monday, 24 January 2011

Sunday 23rd - Neck Collared Goose

Sorry about not doing a post yesterday it completely slipped my mind, so I'll do 2 today to make up for it. I received the details today of the neck collared Pink Footed Geese that I saw at Warton Marsh on the 3rd of this month. It had a white neck collar on with the letters NTP on it, the details of it's movement are as follows:

Some familiar names on there as the bird is now in it's 3rd winter in Lancashire. The previous 2 winters it was seen in Scotland and the data also highlights that the flocks frequently move between Norfolk in Lancashire in spells of hard weather, like this bird did in the winter of 08/09.

I didn't get out much yesterday however the birds around the garden provided some other interesting long staying birds. There are 2 partially leucistic birds in my area, a female House Sparrow with white wing flashes and a Carrion Crow with white inner wing feathers. Both these birds have been out for at least a year now. I am hoping to get some photos of the Sparrow soon as it is a particularly striking individual.

If you can't get a larger version of the picture the details are:
Ringed 02/04/2006 Site - Balmedie Region - Aberdeenshire

18/04/2006 Ythan Estuary Aberdeenshire
18/10/2006 Newton/Rosefield Inverness
18/02/2007 Middleton of Rattray Aberdeenshire
10/10/2007 Loch of Strathbeg Aberdeenshire
14/12/2007 Bruntlands, Roseisle Moray
30/10/2008 WWT Martin Mere Lancashire
09/11/2008 Boundry Farm Lancashire
01/01/2009 Anmer Norfolk
04/01/2009 Anmer Norfolk
17/02/2009 Eagland Hill Lancashire
29/12/2009 Todderstaffe Hall Lancashire
14/02/2010 Thurnham Lancashire
03/01/2011 Warton Marsh Lancashire

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