Monday, 17 January 2011

Right Place, Right Time, However ...

Since the weather had been so bad over the weekend, my mum agreed to take me out birding after school today. Since I still needed some easy yearticks; little grebe, great crested grebe, greenshank, jay, stock dove, etc, I decided that a trip up to Glasson would be good as there is usually a good selection of waders on the Conder Estuary.

Yet luck seemed to have deserted me as I turned up at the conder to an empty estuary apart from 4 Teal and 2 Curlew. The pool also drew a blank for the hoped for Little Grebe but it was at this point that I got the text from Paul Slade, "Green Winged Teal, Glasson", YES! Finally a stroke of fortune and within a minute I was behind the bowling green looking out over the estuary with the finder. Unfortunately the ducks were on the far side of the river and the finder informed me that he had lost sight of the bird. Stuart Piner turned up within minutes and together we searched through the assorted Teal and Wigeon for the next 45 minutes until the light prevented us from continuing, typically there was no sign :( Just goes to show that you can be in the right place and still miss the bird. No yearticks at all during the evening so I'm still stuck on 99.

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